What makes consent legal?

What makes consent legal?

In order for consent to be legal it must be: 
  1. informed consent that is data subject must know what they are consenting to.
  2. It must be freely-given in that there must not be an imbalance in relationship between the data subject and the controller.
  3. and it must be specific in that it must describe precisely what the data subject has consented to in the information notice,
The controller cannot request open-ended or blanket consent to cover the possibility of future processing. 
Interpretation of what this means to your organisation is not always easy. For example  consent  must be lawful which means, for example, it must be  informed  and  freely-given.   In order for it to be  freely-given  there must not be an imbalance of power between the controller (i.e. your organisation) and the data subject (e.g. an employee). 

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